A Daughter's Promise by Fran Lewis

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 5 Stars!

This story is about a promise I made to my mother to take care of her through her Alzheimer’s disease nightmare. The book includes my mother’s own thoughts from her journal about her ordeals with the various stages of this debilitating and dehumanizing condition. Her outlook on life was remarkable, and although her mind began to wander, she never lost sight of who she was, her sense of humor, or her family. This is the story of someone whose courage went beyond what most people could endure, and whose never-dying zest for life kept her alive. I hope our story will help others in coping with this difficult and demanding affliction.

Book Details

Genre: Memoir
Published by: Edit Pros
Publication Date: July 2017
Number of Pages: 147
ISBN-10: 1937317404
ISBN-13: 978-1937317409

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Read an excerpt:

Part One
A Daughter’s Promise
Reading has always been the way for me to escape to other worlds, learn about many different places, and expand my knowledge of so many subjects. With a notepad in hand and several pens at the ready, I begin reading the many books that authors send me each day. Detailing the plot, the characters, and taking notes throughout, I create a perfect analysis of the book.
Remembering what my mom had told me, to always look for that special message in the book and create that first paragraph to stimulate reader interest, I begin my review. Perfection: that’s what she always told me. Each piece of writing, each assignment had to be done to the standards set by my teachers and professors, and then pass the highest test: mom’s. I remember coming out of school one night, and she stuck her hand out waiting to see what I’d gotten on my midterm in one of my graduate courses in administration. I still smile when I remember what happened. I left out one question and got a 98, and I told mom what I did wrong and the right answer. But, the professor was so frustrated with most of the other students that she had to revamp the scores by adding ten points to everyone’s test scores just to have more students pass, so mom was satisfied with my 108. And, of course, on the final I did get 100 and an A in the class, because it was what was expected of me by myself, and of course, mom.
Till this day I still create my reviews, my schedule for my radio show, and anything else that I decide to venture into, like the MJ magazine in memory of my sister Marcia Joyce, with the understanding that my work has to stand up to the highest standards. The articles, reviews, stories, and issues that are published should be equal to those of any credible magazine on the newsstands.
So, mom, it’s been five years and it seems like yesterday. I hope I will continue to make you proud of me. You taught me well. Yes, I never leave the house without looking my best. You were my mom, my mentor, and my best friend. You will always be here for me in spirit.
Today you would have celebrated your 89th birthday with a special red rose and your favorite chocolate cake. Your blue eyes and your great smile would light up the room, and of course the presents we would give you would make you proud. You taught us never to give up on our dreams, nor settle for less than we want in our lives. You made sure that you listened when we felt down and needed a guiding hand to rise back up. You never faltered and never passed judgment. You were our mother, our guide, and our best friend. Rules were made and enforced, but never with an iron hand. Explanations were given for your requests, and we all followed suit and showed you the respect you deserved.
When you became ill we all rallied together as a family to make sure you remained at home and received great help. We were truly blessed to have Joyce, Joan, Laurel, Pat, Tessa, Loretta, and Getty to take such good care of you and, of course, someone we all miss and loved, Veronica Collins, your case manager, who made sure that you were safe and protected by the best aides in the world from Partners in Care. So, mom, happy birthday, and let the sun shine tomorrow so we know that you are still watching over us and protecting Marcia, who is with you now. We miss your wisdom, your guidance, the huge grey mobile that you drove anywhere you were needed, as the taxi driver for your friends, and the orange mobile that my reading students loved when you picked me up or drove me to school. I made a promise and vowed that I would do everything in my power to care for you, keep your mind and body active, and never even consider the one thing so many others do—placing you in a nursing home.
The circle of life begins on the day you are born and ends when you close your eyes for the last time and take your last precious breath.
Ruth Swerdloff started her life on November 22, 1927, and became a part of a loving, nurturing family that would remain intact for the first two years of her life until the loss of her mother, when things would change. But, Ruth was special from the start, and although facing her first obstacle at the age of two, losing a parent, she somehow learned to accept the change with the help of her sister, Tova, and three brothers, Kenny, Irving, and Harry. This is her story. This is where her circle of life begins.
Excerpt from A Daughter's Promise by Fran Lewis. Copyright © 2017 by Fran Lewis. Reproduced with permission from Fran Lewis. All rights reserved.

Fran Lewis is the author of the Bertha and Tillie Series, Faces Behind the Stones series and a series of books on Alzheimer;s and Caregiving. She has three master's degrees, worked as the reading and writing staff developer and dean of a NY city public school for over 36 years and remains in touch with her students. She is an avid reader and reviewer and has her own show on blog talk radio: Literary Viewpoints with Fran Lewis. Fran created her own Magazine MJ magazine in memory of her sister Marcia Joyce and her radio network too: MJ network.

Fran's Website | Fran's Twitter | Fran's Facebook

A very touching and endearing tribute to this author's mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. If you have never known anyone who had to go through this themselves or with a friend or family member, it is a terrible disease, probably the hardest one to have to go through.  I liked that the author added both her thoughts and her mother's. It was truly hard and frustrating for both of them.

My daughter was Asst. Activities Directer for an Alzheimer’s and Dementia facility. She would come home some days just crying. She got very close to some of the residents and it was heartbreaking for her to work there sometimes. I never had to go through this with any of my family but I have known friends who did, its heartbreaking. Fran was lucky she was able to keep her mother close to her and out of a facility. My friend's father had to be put in a home because he turned violent as do many Alzheimer sufferers.

Go on this beautiful heartwarming journey with Fran and her mother, Ruth. This is a very short and quick read, but you will want to read it slowly to catch every word and thought. ~ Nicely done!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Partners in Crime Tours  ~ Thank You!

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An Unexpected Afterlife: A Novel (The Dry Bones Society Book 1) -DanSofer

4.5 Stars!

You only live twice?

Moshe Karlin wakes up one morning, naked and alone, in the Mount of Olives Cemetery. According to his family and friends, he died two years ago, but Moshe is not about to accept his demise lying down. Is his new lease on life a freak of nature or the start of the long-awaited Resurrection? Moshe doesn’t really care. He vows to beat his “afterlife crisis” and win back his life–and his wife–if it is the last thing he does. But the road ahead is full of unexpected dangers. Along the way, he gains insight into life and love, as well as the suspicion that perhaps his perfect first life was not so perfect after all.

Meanwhile, other changes are afoot in the Holy Land. A reluctant prophet prepares to deliver a message of redemption–and the end of life as we know it–when a freak accident changes the course of history.

Dan Sofer won the 2016 Best Book Award (American Book Fest, category: religious fiction) for his novel, "A Love and Beyond" ("A mysterious crime. A ruthless secret society. And a desperate bachelor...")

His second novel, "An Unexpected Afterlife" ("You only live twice?"), won a silver medal at the 2017 Readers' Favorite Book Awards. The sequel, "An Accidental Messiah" ("He defeated death. Will he beat bureaucracy?"), hits the shelves in October 2017.

His novels blend romance, adventure and magical realism, sprinkled with humor and insights into Jewish life and legend - entertainment for the heart and soul.

Dan lives in Israel with his family.

Visit  him at his website - DanSofer.com and download a free book.

What a fantastic, crazy ride that was. This book made me smile. It was a fun and very interesting story. There are so many ways to describe this book and they all contradict each other. Can a Biblical book that is based on history be fantasy or somewhat paranormal? But that's what is was really. Well whatever words you use to describe it - it was great!

It takes place in Jerusalem and is full of history and Jewish tradition. Great characters with excellent character development. There's Moshe who died two years ago. The first thing on his list after resurrection - getting his wife back from his ex-best friend. Then there's Rabbi Yosef, a very kind man who takes in all the misfit resurrectee's (is that a word?). And then my personal favorite - Eli Katz, aka the Prophet Elijah! Ha! loved him. He was very good looking. At least all the nurses thought so after his freak accident landed him in the hospital. I could have read a whole book just about him. There are a lot of other minor characters that are equally as great.

There's some suspense, a little mystery and even a few heartfelt moments, but what makes it are those unexpected, unexplainable things. A great mix for a great book. I can honestly say I have not read another book like this. I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the series - An Accidental Messiah.

I don't think it matters what your personal beliefs are - just read it for entertainment.

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from the author  ~ Thank You!

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Bringing Maggie Home - Kim Vogel Sawyer

4.5 Stars!

Decades of loss, an unsolved mystery, and a rift spanning three generations
Hazel DeFord is a woman haunted by her past. While berry picking in a blackberry thicket in 1943, ten-year old Hazel momentarily turns her back on her three-year old sister Maggie and the young girl disappears.

Almost seventy years later, the mystery remains unsolved and the secret guilt Hazel carries has alienated her from her daughter Diane, who can't understand her mother's overprotectiveness and near paranoia. While Diane resents her mother's inexplicable eccentricities, her daughter Meghan-a cold case agent-cherishes her grandmother's lavish attention and affection.

When a traffic accident forces Meghan to take a six-week leave-of-absence to recover, all three generations of DeFord women find themselves unexpectedly under the same roof. Meghan knows she will have to act as a mediator between the two headstrong and contentious women. But when they uncover Hazel's painful secret, will Meghan also be able to use her investigative prowess to solve the family mystery and help both women recover all that's been lost?

Kim Vogel Sawyer is a highly acclaimed, best-selling author with more than one million books in print, in several different languages. Her titles have earned numerous accolades including the ACFW Carol Award, the Inspirational Readers Choice Award, and the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence. Kim lives in central Kansas with her retired military husband Don, where she continues to write gentle stories of hope and redemption. She enjoys spending time with her three daughters and grandchildren.

Find out more about Kim at http://www.kimvogelsawyer.com/.

Kim Vogel Sawyer is one of my favorite Christian writers. I was very excited to see her new book up for review - so I grabbed it! It has been a while since I have read one of Kim's books. It was really nice getting back to her comfortable writing style. It was like going home.

This story started out a little slower than her other books for me but did pick up quickly about 1/3 of the way in. As soon as the investigating started, that's when it got real good. This story was very inspirational and a little suspenseful. I thought Kim got real creative in this one. I really liked the turns the plot took - and... there was a great ending!

Great character development. The only one I didn't care for was Diane - but that's the way it was meant to be. She did prove herself to me in the end. Hazel and Meghan were sweethearts as well as Sean Eagle, Meghan's partner *wink wink*, hmmm a romance in the making???

Definitely a book worth picking up and once you start reading you won't want it to end - you will love the characters that much!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Litfuse  ~ Thank You!

For more on Bringing Maggie Home, including the first chapter excerpt, visit www.waterbrookmultnomah.com.
Learn more about Sawyer and her books at www.kimvogelsawyer.com, on Facebook (KimVogelSawyer.Author.Speaker) or by following her on Twitter (KimVogelSawyer).

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37 Hours by J.F. Kirwan - GIVEAWAY!

37 Hours by J.F. Kirwan

37 Hours

by J.F. Kirwan

on Tour October 1-14, 2017


5+ Stars!

The only way to hunt down a killer is to become one…

Imprisoned by MI6 for two long years in solitary, Nadia suddenly finds herself free again. But there is a price to pay for her release. Another dangerous and near impossible mission – retrieve the Russian nuclear warhead stolen by her old nemesis, the deadliest of terrorists.
But he is always one step ahead, and soon Nadia finds herself at the front line of preventing London from disappearing into a cloud of ash. Only this time, she is ready to pull the trigger at any cost.
And with the clock counting down from 37 hours, time is running out…

Book Details:

Genre: Thriller
Published by: Harper Collins
Publication Date: March 2017
Number of Pages: 315
ID: B01N3KP711 (ASIN) 9780008226978 (BN)
Series: Nadia Laksheva Spy Thriller Series, Book 2 | 37 Hours is a Stand Alone Novel (You're welcome to read/review 66 Metres if you'd like)
Purchase Links: Amazon  | Barnes & Noble  | iTunes  | Goodreads

Read an excerpt:

Vladimir was cuffed and hooded, but his guards had made a fatal mistake. His hands were behind him, but not attached to the inner structure of the military van, a standard Russian UAZ 452 – he’d know those rickety creaks and the pungent blend of oil and diesel anywhere. The vehicle trundled towards some unknown destination where he would be interrogated, beaten some more, then shot in the back of the head.
Three of the four men chattered as they picked up speed down a straighter road. Their second mistake. Clearly they weren’t Special Forces – Spetsnaz – like he’d been until recently. They were regular army. He’d only seen the two heavies who’d snatched him from breakfast with his daughter. Now he knew there were four – one other had engaged in the banter, another had remained silent but was referred to as the butt of several bawdy jokes. The hierarchy of the men was also clear. The leader was in the front passenger seat, the silent one the driver, leaving the two musclemen in the back with him.
He waited. They’d been driving for an hour or so, initially dirt tracks, now a highway, which meant they were on the E119 to Vostok. If they turned right, he had a chance, as they would have to cross the Volga River. Then he would make his move.
If they turned left, he was a dead man.
Vladimir wasn’t one for options, or for hedging his bets. Not a question of making the right choice, but of making the choice right. In all his missions he’d never cared much for a Plan B. Leave too many options open, and events control you. You invite failure.
The van would turn right.
Vladimir mapped the van inside his head. The van layout was standard: two seats in the front facing forward, two benches in the back facing each other. Two front doors on the driver and passenger side, a double door at the rear. He was on the left-side bench, a heavy beside him, one opposite. The leader was in the left-hand front seat, the driver on the right. He needed to know if there was anything between him and the driver, in front on the opposite side, such as a vertical strut, or a metal grill. Because if there was either of those things, his plan wouldn’t work.
Nobody had talked to him since his arrest. Why talk to a hooded, dead man? But they were military, or at least they had been at one stage or another, so it should work. He waited for a pause in their talk fuelled by bravado – they were probably wondering which one of them would get to pop him in the skull. He reckoned they’d make the driver do it. A rite of passage. Probably a rookie, not yet blooded.
The pause came.
‘Cigarette?’ he asked, nodding through his hood to the one opposite. ‘My last, we all know that.’
Silence, except for the van’s creaking suspension and the drone of its throaty engine. He imagined questioning looks from the musclemen to the leader, the driver fixing his eyes on the road, maybe a glance in the rear-view mirror.
The dead man had spoken.
A sigh, the rustle of clothing, a pocket unzipped, the sound of a cigarette tapped from the pack. He could smell the nicotine despite the strong diesel fumes. A hand heavy on his shoulder – the muscleman by his side – while the hood was pulled up, just above his mouth, by the one opposite. Vladimir felt cool air on his lips, and smelt the stale coffee breath of the man about to give him a cigarette.
The smack in the mouth wasn’t entirely unexpected. Stunned him all the same. He slid off the bench onto the floor, and while three of the men burst out laughing, he stretched out his left leg towards the rear of the driver’s seat – nothing in the way, no vertical strut. But there could still be a wire mesh separating the rear compartment from the front. He rocked back onto his knees, and addressed the one who’d hit him. He lowered his head, bychit-style, a bull about to charge, and spat out the words amidst spittle and blood from a split lip.
‘Mudak, suka, blyad!’
This time the punch was fully expected. He railed back and up, travelling with the force of the uppercut, his head in the gap between the driver and the leader. That cost him a whack from the latter on the top of his head. Didn’t matter. No wire mesh. Rough hands slotted him back on the bench where he’d started. Profanities poured forth. Nothing he hadn’t heard before, or said himself. His face stung. He ignored it. Things settled down. The banter resumed.
He began drawing long breaths, oxygenating his body. He was chilled, because he had no coat. The other men were wrapped in thick commando jackets. It was early spring, still cold. The Volga would be near freezing. Not a problem, he bathed in it every morning. For them, though, it was going to be a different story.
The van slowed. The tick, tick, tick of the indicator. They slowed down further. Stopped. A truck passed fast ahead of them, rocking the high suspension van in its wake. The leader bellowed a command, though he wasn’t stupid enough to name the destination. ‘This way, this way.’ Another lorry – no, a tractor, given the smell of manure – the leader cursing the young driver for not pulling out sooner. The engine revved, the gears engaged, the van pulled forward.
And turned right.
Excerpt from 37 Hours by J.F. Kirwan. Copyright © 2017 by J.F. Kirwan. Reproduced with permission from J.F. Kirwan. All rights reserved.

J.F. Kirwan
After school J.F. Kirwan studied psychology, then worked in heavy industries, including offshore oil rigs in the North Sea, and nuclear power plants in the UK, US and Japan. Lately he’s been working with airplane safety, which enables him to travel to some far-flung places.
His job is about trying to prevent large-scale accidents. Having studied them for years gives him a sense of how catastrophic events start off slow, simmer awhile, then gather speed and accelerate towards the final event. He uses this experience when writing, and calls it tourniquet plotting. He also spent years as a martial artist, training in Hong Kong, and knows a thing or two about writing fight scenes. But his main passion is diving. He used to be an instructor, and has dived all over the world, and so all three books have an underwater element. Readers – whether divers or not – often say that the books are most vivid in the underwater scenes.

After a scuba-diving injury, and surgery on his back, he couldn’t dive for eighteen months. He missed it so much he started a novel about a young woman, Nadia, who was coerced into working for the Mafia. A fan of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, as well as other thriller writers such as David Baldacci, Stieg Larsson and Andy McNab, he wanted to create a female protagonist who could mete out justice when required. What started out as a bit of fun gathered momentum as a couple of agents got interested, and then HarperCollins snapped it up with a three-book deal.

Catch Up With Our Author On: Website , Goodreads , Twitter , & Facebook !

Oh I am enjoying this series so much! I don't think I will be able to stand waiting for the next book 88' North! There is so much excitement in these books (this is the second one in the series), so much action, literally something happening on every page. Every single page puts you on the edge of your seat and threatens to push you off, but no... you are left there dangling, hanging onto every word!

The character development is great! Wow, this girl is kick-ass! Nadia is amazing, she's like Jennifer Garner in Alias. She is my new favorite super-hero! 

Without giving anything away… This one's a tiny bit of a tearjerker in a couple of spots. Which is OK with me, combine the action and the heartwarming sentiments - perfect!

If you are a fan of action-packed thrillers, if you love a great kick ass female character, or just want to try something fast paced and different… This one is for you! But be sure to read 66 Metres (book one) it will give you an intro to the characters. Although you don't necessarily need to read it first, I would recommend it.

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The Pretender: A Blackguard in Disguise - Ta'Mara Hanscom

3 Stars

A Blackguard in Disguise is the first volume of five in the family epic series The Caselli Family series. It begins in South Dakota in 1975 where eighteen-year-olds could order 3.2 beers in a bar and loaded guns were kept under the counter. Frankie Valli sang "My Eyes Adored You," and American soldiers returning from Vietnam struggled with their new reality.

It's within this tumultuous season of American history that Tillie Caselli meets Noah Hansen, and they are never the same again. Their lives were mysteriously intertwined---and had been for many years---yet they had no idea.

From the moment they met, Tillie and Noah wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, but a deliberate omission will keep them apart---and that same omission will be responsible for the escape of a murderer, and a bride's deception.

Born and raised in South Dakota, Ta`Mara Hanscom loves to write about the Great Plains and the beauty and people of Italia. While her husband and children manage their two pizza ristoranti, Ta`Mara works full time on The Caselli Family series and ministers to women.

It is Ta`Mara's prayer that as the readers explore the truths in these volumes, they will come away with a new perspective on love, forgiveness, obedience, and God's plan for marriage.


My first thought - "A Christian biker book yay". But although it was Christian and there was a guy who rode a motorcycle, it was not what I thought, and sadly it was not as good as I wanted it to be.
Don't get me wrong - it was far from horrible - but it was just OK for me.

It started out good - I really liked the first 1/3 of the book and was looking forward to reading the rest. but then it got very slow for me and dragged and I got uninterested. I found myself reading parts and skimming through others. There were two things that I didn't like - there were too many off-shoots, I kept thinking "How does this relate to the story and why did she include this?" And - things evolved way too fast, even for fiction. Tillie "Angel" choose to trust and go with a stranger too fast, Noah fell in Love too fast, and he chose to change is life style too fast, then she chose to mistrust and question him equally as fast - and this kept happening throughout the book.

The character development was very good and I did really like Tillie and Noah (even though they were unbelievable). I especially liked Noah. I wish he had stayed a bad boy for a bit longer LOL I think that would have made the story more real and more interesting. But I did love that he was such a sweetheart!

So while this one was just OK for me - I know others out there would really love this book! It just wasn't what I was hoping. So please get it and check it out for yourself.

OH! PS&BTW - I loved the cover!

The Pretender Ta'Mara Hanscom
I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Litfuse  ~ Thank You!

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A Face to Die For by Andrea Kane

A Face to Die For

by Andrea Kane

on Tour September 18th - October 20th, 2017

5+ Stars!!!!!

Urban legend says that everyone has a double, or exact look-alike. Would you search for yours? And if you found them, would you risk your life for theirs?

When a chance encounter outside the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan results in mistaken identity, wedding planner Gia Russo is curious to find the person whose cell phone picture has been shown her—veterinarian Dr. Danielle Murano, her exact look-alike. A Facebook private message blossoms into a budding, long-distance friendship, and the two women agree to meet in New York and see the truth for their own eyes.

Shocked at the sight of one another, they quickly bond over drinks, childhood pictures and an uncanny feeling that they share more than just a visual resemblance. Together they decide to end the speculation and undergo DNA testing for siblingship. But when the tests confirm they’re identical twins, more questions are raised than answered.

And with good reason. The same mysterious forces that separated the sisters years ago are still at large, frantic to keep the two women apart. Their attempts to do so become more violent once it becomes clear that the two sisters have found each other. But when the danger escalates and the sisters fear for their lives, Gia turns to a former client of her wedding planning company, Marc Devereraux of Forensic Instincts, for help.

Despite being embroiled in another case, Forensic Instincts agrees to help Gia and Danielle discover who has been threatening them. And when Forensic Instincts discovers that this case is linked to the [Mafia, Organized Crime], they must dig up skeletons better left buried, and get at the frightening truth without destroying the sisters and the families they have grown to love.

Book Details:

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Published by: Bonnie Meadow Publishing LLC
Publication Date: September 19, 2017
Number of Pages: 336
ISBN: 1682320103 (ISBN13: 9781682320105)
Purchase Links:
Amazon  | Barnes & Noble  | Goodreads


Read an excerpt:

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York
March 1990
Anthony slid behind the wheel of his Ford Taurus and started it up, cranking up the heat the instant the engine turned over. It was friggin’ freezing outside. Even in the five minutes it had taken him to walk the babysitter to her front door, the temperature outside felt like it had dropped ten degrees, and his car was an icebox.
Shivering, he zipped his parka up as far as it would go and gripped the steering wheel, maneuvering the car away from the curb. He’d finally shared an evening out with his wife. It should have eased the knot in his gut. After all, it had been the first time that he and Carla had left their infants with a sitter since the babies had been born a month ago. And Judy was the perfect babysitter—a good girl from a good family, one who studied rather than doing drugs and screwing horny guys.
Still, dinner had been strained.
Anthony had only picked at his manicotti, his favorite dish at Raimo’s. His mind was far away, and acid kept building up in his stomach.
Carla couldn’t stop worrying and talking about the babies. She’d checked her watch a dozen times, intermittently giving Anthony puzzled looks and asking if he was okay.
Each time she asked, he’d assure her that he was fine, just exhausted from work and midnight feedings. As if to contradict his words, some new waiter had dropped a tray of dishes on the floor, and Anthony had nearly jumped out of his skin at the crash.
Carla rose, asking him to order her another drink and to get one for himself to calm his nerves. Giving in to her new-mother concerns, she went to the pay phone in the back to call Judy for an update. So far, so good, Judy had reported. But that didn’t totally erase Carla’s fretting. She tried her best to be bright and chatty, but the truth was that, as this point, she was ready to go. She’d fiddled with her napkin and sipped at her drink, making small talk and glancing at the door.
Getting the hell out of there had worked for Anthony. He was more than ready to be home with his family and not out in the open. He’d use his fatigue as an excuse. He had to continue keeping the inevitable from Carla, until he had no choice but to tell her. He’d soften the blow as best he could. But the important thing was that his family would be protected at all costs.
Now, the heat in his car roared to life, warming his body but doing nothing to extinguish his inner chill. He knew the rules. No transgression went unpunished.
Why the hell had he been so preoccupied with new fatherhood that he’d forgotten to make his collections from the designated list of construction foremen these past two weeks? That in itself was a huge black mark against him—one he’d be punished for. But the outcome of his stupidity opened the door to a far more lethal punishment. Someone else had been sent to handle his route, and his money. They would have collected and turned over twice the amount he’d been handing over. And that meant he’d better be able to explain the discrepancy—assuming he’d even be asked before he was killed.
Please God, let him have that chance. He was just on the verge of buying that gas station he’d been single-mindedly building his bank account for, just about to provide for his family’s future.
And now this.
With shaking hands, Anthony switched on the radio, gritting his teeth as Madonna’s voice blasted off the windows, followed by Michael Jackson’s. He turned the dial until finally the soothing tones of Frank Sinatra’s voice filled the car. Sinatra. Perfect. The Chairman of the Board’s crooning was just the right medicine to ease his clawing anxiety.
He reached his street and turned down the line of small brick row houses, all identical in their flat lines, gated fronts, and tiny gardens. There was a certain comfort and peace about the sameness of it all; it made it feel like a neighborhood.
Would he ever feel that sense of comfort and peace again?
He pulled into his narrow driveway and spotted Carla standing at the front door with a broad smile, giving him a thumbs-up. That meant the infants had come through their first babysitting experience with flying colors.
He forced himself to smile back, but even as he did, his gaze swept the area around the house to see if he was alone. It appeared so. Quickly, he turned off the car and then made the frigid dash to his house.
He couldn’t shut and lock the door behind him fast enough.
The soothing warmth from the heating system enveloped him when he stepped inside. Comfort in yet another form. He was home. Carla and the babies were safe. And for the moment, so was he.
With a wave of relief—however temporary—he let the tension in his body ease. He shrugged out of his jacket and hung it on the coatrack.
“You look happy,” he teased Carla. “What’s the final report?”
Carla’s eyes twinkled. “They were perfect. Judy said they’d only woken up once for their bottles and a diaper change. Now they’re sleeping like little angels.”
“Good.” Anthony looped an arm around his wife’s shoulders and led her toward the living room. “How about a nightcap before bed—to celebrate the success of our first night out?”
“That sounds wonderful.” Carla walked beside him, making a left into their comfortable living room.
They’d barely taken half a dozen steps when a tall masked man dressed in black rose from behind the large armchair, his .22 caliber pistol raised.
“Hello, Anthony.”
Anthony knew that voice only too well, and it elicited the chilling knowledge that there was no way out. No threats. Just death. “Welcome home.”
The man’s finger tightened around the trigger.
“No!” Carla screamed.
She threw herself in front of her husband just as the pistol fired.
The bullet pierced her skull, and with a shattering cry, she crumpled to the floor.
“Carla… no… Carla!” Anthony shouted. He dropped to his knees beside his wife’s lifeless body, grabbing her into his arms and openly weeping. “God forgive me. Oh, God forgive me.”
He looked up in dazed anguish, just as a second shot was fired.
The bullet struck Anthony between the eyes. His head jerked backward, and he fell over his wife, dead. Upstairs, the babies started to cry.
The gunman shoved his pistol back in his waistband. He knew the mob code like he knew his own name. No women. No children. Omertà.
A woman lay dead before him, the taunting evidence of a fuckup.
He took the steps two at a time.
Tucked in their cribs, the babies were still crying as their parents’ killer entered the nursery and hovered over them.
Not even the nightlight could eradicate the darkness.
Excerpt from A Face to Die For by Andrea Kane. Copyright © 2017 by Andrea Kane. Reproduced with permission from Bonnie Meadow Publishing LLC. All rights reserved.

Andrea Kane is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of twenty-eight novels, including fourteen psychological thrillers and fourteen historical romantic suspense titles. With her signature style, Kane creates unforgettable characters and confronts them with life-threatening danger. As a master of suspense, she weaves them into exciting, carefully-researched stories, pushing them to the edge—and keeping her readers up all night.

Kane’s first contemporary suspense thriller, Run for Your Life, became an instant New York Times bestseller. She followed with a string of bestselling psychological thrillers including No Way Out, Twisted, and Drawn in Blood.

Her latest storytelling triumph, A Face To Die For, extends the Forensic Instincts legacy where a dynamic, eclectic team of maverick investigators continue to solve seemingly impossible cases while walking a fine line between assisting and enraging law enforcement. The first showcase of their talents came with the New York Times bestseller, The Girl Who Disappeared Twice, followed by The Line Between Here and Gone, The Stranger You Know, The Silence that Speaks and The Murder That Never Was.

Kane’s beloved historical romantic suspense novels include My Heart’s Desire, Samantha, The Last Duke, and Wishes in the Wind.
With a worldwide following of passionate readers, her books have been published in more than twenty languages.

Kane lives in New Jersey with her husband and family. She’s an avid crossword puzzle solver and a diehard Yankees fan. Otherwise, she’s either writing or playing with her Pomeranian, Mischief, who does his best to keep her from writing.

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Wow, absolutely brilliant! I loved everything about this book from beginning to end. This book was exciting, fun, interesting, gripping and even sad in spots! And I am a sucker for sad books. I would dare say this book was flawless in my opinion. And, to put the sprinkles on the sundae - its part of a series! Woohoo! Well, guess what I'm doing? Yep - I'm putting the rest of the books on my TBR list!

LOVED, loved, loved the characters! Excellent character development. I think that will be one exciting part about reading the other books in the series - I am hoping you get to know the other members of the FI team better. This one focused on the clients and mainly 2 or 3 of the team. And - the team! - what a team, I loved them! They are like super heroes of the PI world. What fun. This would make a great TV series!

All through the book I kept trying to make guesses and almost every time I was wrong. Guess I wouldn't make a very good investigator. They make investigating look like soooo much fun! There were a few "OH MY GOSH!" moments when you found out who certain people were and how it all connected. All the pieces were masterfully pulled together.

Honestly I would not have chosen this book based on the cover. It looks older to me (I hope it gets re-vamped). But I am so glad I did read it! It might be one of my favorite books of the year! Well just proves you really can't choose a book by its cover!

I was at 76% of the e-book and I was trying to watch the Steelers game but I couldn't stop reading! I ended up finishing the book during the timeouts and commercials. Yes, it was that good.
"We have everything. We're coffee fanatics."
"We've got great coffee, espresso, latte, and snickerdoodle cookies. What's your pleasure?" - One of everything please! I love a book that talks about coffee!!!
I am ashamed to say this is my first book by this author! She has so many.  I can promise this is only the beginning for me! This book earned every one of those 5 stars. You guys really need to check this one out - you won't be sorry!

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Anne of Green Gables (Book 1) Audio book - L M Montgomery, read by Laurel Schroeder

5 Stars!

Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, middle-aged siblings who live together in the fictional town of Avonlea on Prince Edward Island, decide to adopt a boy from an orphan asylum to help on their farm. But owing to a series of mishaps, the child who is delivered to their care is not a boy at all but a precocious girl of 11 named Anne Shirley. Although, as Marilla dryly informs her, "you certainly have a genius for getting into trouble", with pluck, imagination, and optimism, Anne flourishes at Green Gables. And Matthew and Marilla find their lives transformed and their hearts opened to a deeper love than they ever knew possible.

Lucy Maude Montgomery (1874-1942) was born on Prince Edward Island, Canada, the setting for Anne of Green Gables. She left to attend college, but returned to Prince Edward Island to teach. In 1911, she married the Reverend Ewan MacDonald. Anne of Green Gables, the first in a series of "Anne" books by Montgomery, was published in 1908 to immediate success and continues to be a perennial favorite.

Laurel Schroeder is a professional on-camera and stage actor, voiceover talent, and audiobook narrator and producer.
Check her out on FB - HERE
And Twitter - HERE

I thoroughly enjoyed listen to this version of Anne of Green Gables. It might surprise you that I have never read the books! But I have watched the movies and loved them. The movies were always a favorite of my daughter's. I think she still has the DVD's today.

Listening to this really brought back memories. What made this so great was - the reader! Laurel Schroeder did a fantastic job! She was equally as great as the voice for Anne as for Matthew and Marilla.

If you have read the books or watched the movies and want to add to your enjoyment - listen to this version! If you have never read or watched any of them - SHAME!!! Well now you really need to. No excuses - this one is fantastic!

A nice clean story that I recommend for any age really. Even younger girls (8 - 10) and on up would like this. It is sad in one place (so far) but she doesn't dwell on it so its OK for younger listeners. This would be a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with the whole family.

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving an Audible copy of this book from Audiobookworm Promotions ~ Thank You!

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